Still Alive.

do not try to contact me, please.

here is a song.

heree does not participate in old roblox anymore

i do, however, still care about every single one of you who made this journey of 3 or 4 years of enjoying the past.

i might return, but not for long.

passado, finobe, graphictoria, i realized they are all the same.

thank you to: brent the mage, dshoe10, IJAP (itsjustaplayer), Nostalgia (Nostal*ia), ryelow, xxxman360, computerguy16, just every single friend i have met on the way

good luck.

and if i didnt state you, i lost almost every memory after i took such a long break.

husbynorway, heree, everyonee, jacob122533323536, jacobman12, All just me in a identity crisis.

thank you.

Im signing off.

sorry for being such a prick sometimes.